The Grammy Awards 2008

Here are a few favorite or not so favorite dresses from the grammys...

Keyshia looks fun and flirty in her little black frock.

Natasha's waist looks super tiny in her wide-belted gown.

Nelly is looking beautifully grecian goddess. Hate her hair, but the dress is fabulous.

I was disappointed in Rhianna. Too many frills for my taste, but the color is great.

Taylor Swift looks super feminine in this graceful gown.

I absolutely hate her hair, but Alicia's dress is simply stunning.

Are you noticing this deep blue trend?

Carrie looks a little too cheap in this. The print on the dress just doesn't seem dressy enough--in aqua or yellow, I would have loved this dress. But she is gorgeous as always.

I don't know what happened here, but it was a big mistake.

Faith Hil looks classic.

Fergie hit the nail on the head in this dress. New, fresh, young, feminine, and well - it's just cool.