Welcome to My Office

This desk is now the third piece of furniture that Chris has built from scratch for me. The first being our first bed, the second is our TV cabinet, and now this desk. Coming soon will be our dining room table and I CANNOT WAIT!

We ordered the copper legs on Amazon here and the walnut top was built with the scraps of rough hewn walnut that was left in our barn when we purchased the farm. I love the copper legs that match with some of the other copper accents in our room, including our copper sputnik light. But most of all, I love that the desk is a piece of history from our home (or at least our barn). 

I found the navy velvet swivel stool from Marshalls, as well as the pin board, stapler, and box. The metal magazine file, the navy chalkboard, copper calendar, copper clock, and letter holder are all from Target.

I tried to get a wider angle of the room, but I lost my 18-55 lens and only have my telephoto lens now, so this is the best I could get, but next to the desk is our bed, and in front of our bed is a little seating area which is perfect for the kids to sit there when they need to ask me questions while I work. Or sometimes they just bring their school to my desk and do their work right next to me while I'm doing mine since the desk is so big!

My seating area isn't exactly finished yet, but this little arrangement is working well for now. These chairs I found at Goodwill for only $8. The black frame of the chairs are actually walnut, so eventually I'll scrape the paint off and then sand and stain the chairs to match the desk. I love the copper-colored velvet roses on the upholstery!

And it looks like I found a place for old blue boy for now. ;-) 

Hope you enjoyed my "office" tour. :-)


CJ Turns 12

This boy. He didn't sleep the entire night before his birthday - the excitement was too intense. I woke up at 4:55 AM to run and CJ was up only minutes after. When I got home from my run at 6:30, the whole house was awake. By 7 AM he had opened all of his presents, played with them all and was dressed and ready for the day. 

This kid is so full of excitement, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for life that there is nothing he won't be able to do. I'm so proud of how he's grown - how he continues to take care of his sisters, always does his chores without grumbling, and is becoming a devoted student, not to mention, quite the musician (he now plays violin, piano, and drums). 

12 years old is quite the milestone and even though I'm still in shock and a bit sad we're at this point already, I couldn't be happier for CJ and how excited he is to finally be 12! All of his sisters adore him and want to be just like him--he was born a leader and has such a bright future in front of him. We love our CJ to the moon and back! Happy Birthday CJ! 


Capri's Birthday

I don't know how five years can pass so quickly by, but here we are and here you are - as grown up and wonderful as I dreamed you would be when you were first born. 

Happy Birthday Capri Raylissa.