Progress Updates on the Farmhouse!

Remember this? It is our master bath shower (to the left) and our master closet (to the right).

I was so excited when we finally got drywall up for the closet and the shower had shape to it!

With a little paint on the bathroom walls and closet, and then cement board on the shower, I thought we were almost done. Boy was I wrong!

There was the rubber paint that had to go on over the cement board for the shower.

Then there was the gazillion-step-process to get the cement shower floor in.

Once all that was done I thought the tiles would be a cinch. Ha!

We started full speed on the bathroom project at Thanksgiving and FINALLY on February 5th (my Birthday), we got to this point = a tiled and sealed shower!!

With a tiled and sealed floor comes a brand new, shiny toilet!!

 This is the alcove that the tub sits. Here the walls are primed and ready. I was sure at this point we'd have a tub in just a couple of weeks. So silly of me. This photo was taken this past summer!

Here is our master bath tub. We still have to get the shiplap wall up behind the tub before we can set it, but you get the picture. I also want to update the mirrors a bit (I think the wood looks a little too rustic for my now glam bathroom), and then of course the walnut vanity and marble countertop have yet to be installed!

Here's another little update for you.

Remember our mud room? It used to look like this:

I was too impatient to wait for all the built-ins to be made, so Chris rigged up this little outdoorsy-looking system for me:

A giveaway dresser, an old mirror, and some raw-edged slabs of walnut we found in our barn are keeping us pretty organized in our mud room these days!

Remember this room? That's the kitchen folks.

The kitchen looks like this now. Just a few slight changes. 

We thought these carts were lifesavers . . . but now that we have real custom/handmade cabinets by Chris, I won't be looking back!

Can't wait to see this with our marble backsplash that will go to the ceiling and our raw edged walnut wood shelves that will go on either side of the microwave cabinets!

This view seems like just an old memory now:

We still need paint, backsplash (it will be marble), trim, and the island . . . but it's coming along!

Our staircase, too, has gotten a little makeover lately.

 Railing and trim forthcoming!

Although we have slight updates to the family room, it's still fun to see how far we've come. Trim, more window treatments, outlet covers, a fireplace insert, and some paint is all we have left to finish off the family room!

I'm loving all of the little details that keep getting added to make this house a home!

And that's it for now! Looking to have a lot more finished by April!

February Is Already Here and I'm 36 Now!

I like to document Birthdays on this here blog, so mine is no exception. I turned 36 on Monday. Thirty-six is a great even number. It sounds good and it feels good. Maybe my average weight has increased, my white hairs have increased, and I'm noticing an older look in my eyes (dare I say wrinkles?), but I'm happy to embark on year 36 and feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. What a journey life is. Funny how I thought I had arrived when I was 17 (although my parents would say I thought that at age 3), and then again when I was 19, and yet again when I was 23 and married Chris. Since 23 the rollercoaster of adulthood has brought with it doubts, questions, and the realization that I might not ever "arrive." But with each passing year I feel like I find another piece of my identity. I feel like each year I understand just a little bit more. And how exciting is that? 

I'm relishing this time. This month. This week. This day. This moment. But I'm grateful for all the wisdom (and gray hairs) that I hope God will give me and I look forward to tomorrow, too. 

Pictures below are from my Birthday outing on Saturday morning. Rustbelt Coffee, quick jaunt in the mall, and then Italian restaurant for lunch!