A little Fashion from Oscars night

Hello my friends. In no real order I have some of my favs (and not so favs) from last nights fashion show.
Penelope here, had on a gown with so many feather accents, I couldn't really get into the whole ensemble, however, I LOVED her hair. It was poofed back and then long and dramatic down her back. I loved all the different dark colors you could see in her hair...for me, it was SO pretty.
My favorite thing about Nicole's outfit is her necklace. After seeing boring outfit, after boring outfit walk down the run way I thought "finally, a boring black dress with some drama!" While the necklace may be over the top, for the Oscars I think it was absolutely perfect!
Marion really does look like a mermaid in this outfit, complete with the wavy curls falling over her shoulder. I thought the dress was very stunning.
I like Keri Russel, I'd like her even more if she would stand up straight for pictures. Her gown was flattering and her necklace gorgeous. I like that she avoided the red and black that was everywhere on the red carpet this year.
Boring. There was SO many "over one shoulder" gowns. Why? Is it that flattering? At least the getup shows off her adorable figure really well, I think it was a very flattering choice, just wish she went a little more over the top.
Such a pretty color for Alba! I love her in purple. Hate the feather. But what are you gonna do?
For some reason I couldn't stop looking at Jennifer. Her jewelry and hair and makeup was perfect! Her eyes were so dark! The dress was cool in that the material and details were amazing. If you are gonna do black, I think it's smart to give it some flair. (did I say that already?)
Again an off the shoulder gown, and black. Blah. But I love Hillary so she has to be seen here. Her smile is so huge and so happy...she really is a pretty lady.
And now...my favorite gown of the night! Watching her walk in it and see how it moved was very dramatic. I loved the crystal looking lace sleeves, they were amazing. Very age appropriate without looking "old". I LOVED her gown!
Hey, hey Heidi! Cute dress...you look like a Barbi!
I wish Cate's dress covered her shoes. I think fancy dresses should touch the floor. But perhaps she got fitted before her belly got bigger? (jk) Regardless I thought she looked very pretty with her wispy hair and the pretty color of her frock.
I loved the details on this dress. It does look a little blah, but I think Cameron likes to do simple. The details were fun and kept you looking.
I forgot why I have a picture of Anne. To make fun of her maybe? There is a very home town beauty queen look about her. With what appears to be a band of flowers placed over her shoulders. All she needs is a beauty queen crown.
Amy, Amy. Love your dress, boring color though. Is it green? Is it black? Love your tiny mesh purse with nothing in it! Loved you in Enchated, will probably love you forever now.
And I think that is all folks.