Outdoor Concert

I'm going to a concert tonight and really couldn't figure out what to wear for it because I've never been to a concert before. I'm going to see Ben Folds. Unfortunately, I just had a stomach virus last night and am still recovering today, which means I had to also consider dressing warmer than normal and as comfortable as I could. I was told most people just wear jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops...but...I wanted to do something different.

I saw this red scarf in my closet and couldn't resist...

Of all days to get sick, why did it have to be the night before the concert?

Red scarf - souvenir from the Dominican Republic - gifted
White cami - Bali - $9.99
Wide leg jeans - Express - $19.99
Black leather belt - Kohls - I forget how much it cost
Silver oversized hoops - Target - $1.00

For when it gets chilly I'll add my denim jacket...

Denim jacket - Macys - gifted

Red leather wedge sandals - Aerosoles - gifted

Hopefully my choice isn't too far off what others are wearing tonight. I guess I'll just have to see!