Outfits on Mackinac Island

I was able to snap a couple pics of what I wore on Mackinac Island...

Black shrug - Deb's - $6.99
Paisley chiffon strapless dress - B.Moss - $25
Black tights - gifted
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Pearl earrings - gifted

Mustard cardigan - Target - $6.74
Turquoise t-shirt - hand-me-down
Jeans - Old Navy - $7.99
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Mustard hoops - forget the store - $0.50

Unfortunately, it was hard to really look good on the island since I didn't pack for the 5 mile hike we took, nor for the colder weather...

Luckily Mom had a few things, and I was able to piece together a few things to come up with this perfect hiking outfit (said sarcastically, of course):

hee hee!