A few pics and what I will be wearing today

As some of you know I live far away in a place where sunshine and warmth don't always go hand in hand, so if there is a sun-shiny day, that is warm, you must take full advantage. So I did:) I know this has nothing to do with fashion but here is me being goofy posing in my bathing suit and cover up after having laid out in the sun for about 45min, reading my favorite magazine's (Lucky and In Style).
The dog was being a goof and is shown nipping at my toes (I think she liked my sunscreen or something, because she kept licking my legs and feet)

Ok, on to "Fashion" or at least my version of it. So yesterday I went shopping at Target and came back with a few fun finds, my favorite was this Navy and Hot pink dress on sale for only $10!
I love the funny looking pockets, the bright color with the dark and how it hits me perfectly at the knee. I did get it in a size or so bigger then I normally do (because that is all they had) so I wasn't sure if I should wear the belt or not, I think I could do either way.
This pic isn't the best, but here it is without the belt.

I also got two really cute belts that I hope to show off in up-coming posts and this floral skirt. The skirt is cut to be a bit longer in the back then the front and I got it for only $12! Hurray for me!
This is the outfit I plan on wearing today, but maybe I can wear my new colorful dress tomorrow!