Rolling Up Bermudas

I should have cut my head out of these photos - my expressions are ridiculous...
Anyhow...I keep trying to make the bermuda short work on me since it's a great casual look for a stay-at-home-mom, but I just think they make my short legs look even shorter.
Maybe hiking it up an inch or two will help, or maybe I should just forego the look altogether. What do you think?
Girl's Gap t-shirt - Gap Outlet - $2.97
Seersucker bermudas - Thrifted - $4.00
Leather wedges - Off Broadway (B.O.C.) - $19.99
Brown leather belt - Gap - (I forget what I paid, but it was full price, so probably around $25)
Metal bangles - Claire's - $1.00
CZ studs - gifted