Today I went for a walk and cleaned the house so I just wore a tank top, gym shorts, and flip flops. By dinnertime I was very sweaty, still make-up-less, and very grubby! While in this state, my husband decided to take the metro home instead of the train so that I could meet him at the station (closer to town) to pick out a wedding gift for a friend at the mall.

So in the five minutes I had to get ready, I quickly threw on this denim skirt and these wedge sandals. While I waited in the parking lot for my husband, I brushed on some make-up and put my hair in a clip.

All this to say, that 1) I do dress grubby when I feel like it, I just see no reason to post those pictures; and 2) it's easy to go from grubby to cute in no time - so there is never an excuse!

So for those of you who scoff when I wear a skirt on cleaning days, know that I only do that when I feel like it, not every time. And for those of you who say it takes too much effort to get dressed cute - no, it really doesn't. (Now of course that is assuming that my simple outfit really is cute...we're all still learning, right? lol!)

Tank top - J. Crew - $3.99
Denim skirt - Gap - $9.99
Brown leather wedge - Off Broadway Shoes (BOC brand) - $19.99
I had on a brushed gold cuff with this too, but had just taken it off before the pic.