Now you see it, now you don't.

Every since my post on "Three steps to better skin" I have found that my skin really has been super amazing. I rarely break out, my skin feels clean and fresh. I even think it feels softer. lol, maybe that is just in my head though.

At any rate, a month or two ago, however, I did get a few tiny breakouts around my mouth and so I went back to the mall to talk with my favorite Clinique consultant. She had lots of options to clear up my tiny trouble spots but I opted to just get the Acne solutions concealing stick. It is like any other make-up concealing product with one extra special step. It medicates while it covers!

Now I find I use it all the time (or whenever I get a break out). You put it on at the first sign of a break out and "poof" like that, it's gone. At least, that has been my experience.

This morning, I found a teeny, tiny, red spot on my top lip and only a few hours later I swear it's already disappearing. lol. Perhaps it's also the make-up cover, but even still.

So here is to the best $13.50 I've ever spent on a skin care product. If anyone else is a lover of the clinique brand go online now for free shipping with orders $35 or more through July 31st, or make a fun trip to your local mall!