A few things I would like at Ann Taylor Loft

Last night I made a quick stop at Ann Taylor loft to get some t-strap sandals that Nic had told me about. They were on sale from $40 to $12.99 with an additional 30% off (sorry, no pic). They are SO cute! I didn't have time to try on or buy anything else, but there was a lot of stuff on sale that also had the additional 30% off sticker on it. Here are three things I'd love to buy right now.

A white tank top. I'm always in search of white tops. I never seem to have the "perfect" one and I always says I'll buy more each year and then I never do. So this tank I think would make for a pretty good staple in the summer time. On sale for $24.99 with an additional 30% off.

I should have a closet just dedicated to sweaters. Sweaters for summer, sweaters for winter, spring and fall. In the climate I live you never know when you may need an additional layer, even in the dead of summer. I bought one summer sweater at Target and i find I wear it all the time. I defiantly could use many more! $29.99 with the additional 30% off.

And lastly, I cant own to many dresses in the summer. I've gotten to wear quite a few and I'm proud of my growing collection. But this is another must have that would be great for every day, running errands, working around the house, I could even dress it up for an evening out with my husband. The color is fantastic and the cut is forgiving. My birthday is coming up...hmmm...maybe I should get it:) $39.99 plus the 30% off.

Any other fans of Ann Taylor Loft should head over soon to benefit from the good sales happening!