A touch of mascara

I received a coupon in my Lucky magazine earlier this month for a free trial of Estee Lauder's new Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (yes, that is a mouth full). Since it would normally cost $19.50 to buy it, I was thrilled to get a mini size verzion of the mascara to see if I liked it for free!
It is very Sumptuous and it did make my lashes look amazingly thick and so very black. However, it clumps something horrible! I found, even though it was wonderfully rich, with all the clumps left on my lashes I was much happier with my covergirl lashblast (under $7 at drugstores) which provided thick, volumuous lashes and zero clumps.
Perhaps if I had a lash brush or wanted to take the time to apply my mascara in a meticulous fashion the Estee Lauder Sumptuous would be worth it...but I don't:)
In summary it was sumptuous...but not clump free enough to make the $19.50 price tag worth it for me.