Answer to a reader question...

"I think your makeup is fabulous as well. What do you use?"

Well, first off, thanks! :-)

Let's see, I don't really ever wear any kind of powder or foundation, but on the rare days that I do, I wear Clinique Barely There foundation and Clinique's Glow Powder. In the picture you mention, I was not wearing any foundation.

For my eyes I use Cover Girl Volume Exact black mascara, black Revlon eyeliner (sometimes I use a blue or green eyeliner by Mary Kay). I have a myriad of different eye shadow options by Mary Kay, Victoria's Secret, and Cover Girl. In the picture you are talking about I was wearing mascara, black eyelinder, and Mary Kay eye shadow in Moonstone.

I LOVE the blush I have. It's Bronze Sands by Mary Kay. Mascara and blush is the make-up I wear every day and I've been wearing Bronze Sands for the past five years!

For the lips, I have Sheer Blush and Mocha Freeze lipstick. I have some Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works lip glosses I use here and there too. In the picture you noted I was wearing Mocha Freeze. I recently bought Fairest Nude by L'Oreal too, and it is a great color for when I do really dark eye make-up!

So that's it.

If you have not used Mary Kay before and are interested, you can either find a consultant in your area from the Mary Kay website, or just leave me a comment and I'll give you my consultant's business contact info.