Plain Palette

Today was one of those days that I did not feel like posting...and almost didn't. As it is, I didn't fix my hair, am wearing leftover make-up from yesterday (I know that's bad!), and didn't even get dressed out of my workout clothes until just now (5:00 PM). But isn't that the privilege we get as stay-at-home-moms of pre-school age children to have days like this? Thank goodness I have this blog to encourage me to make an effort on days like this!

Cable sweater - Target - $3.74
JouJou jeans - Ross - $16.99
Black cut-outs shoes - The Velvet Lounge - $6.00
My favorite beaded necklace - Macy's - $4.99
White gold tiny hoops - Wal-Mart - $20.00