Rainy Day Hair

Is the weather from Hurricane Ike frizzing out your hair like it is mine?

In my opinion there are only two options for dealing with hair on a rainy or particularly humid day. Either you can 1) wear a hat, or 2) go with the frizz. The hat worked well for me yesterday, but today after I got out of the shower and let my hair naturally dry (big mistake) my hair poofed out like I put my finger in a light socket.

So today I'm going to go with the frizz. I added a bit of Sunsilk Waves spray and then teased the crown slightly in hopes that the poofiness will look "on purpose." lol! I don't know, maybe it is time to cut it all off.

Gold cardigan - Target - $3.74
Turquoise cami - Express (Ebay) - $1.00
Skirt - Macy's - $3.99
Boots - Aerosoles - $29.99
Bead/chain necklace - thrifted - $1.00
Turquoise faux patent leather clutch - JCPenney - $7