Answer to a reader question...

As for your hair, it looks great by the way, do you curl it or blow dry it, or both?

Thank you!

I wash my hair maybe two or three times a week, so blow drying is very rare for me. Since I'm horrible at using a blow dryer, I almost always let it air dry. One of the things I almost always do with my hair is tease it at the crown (which I have done today). I have a very short forehead and face, so I need the height! Today I just touched up a few straggler hairs with a curling iron. I used the candlestick method (where you point the curling iron straight up like a candlestick while you curl) and curled it away from my face. Some days I use a straightener, and some days I just put a bunch of product in my hair and let it go. My signature look is teased at the crown with the ends curled away from my face.