Better than yesterday

And yes, it appears my son wanted to be in this picture. lol!

Yesterday was horrible. Sometimes I don't post because I just didn't go anywhere and had no reason to wear anything blog worthy. Yesterday was not one of those days. I actually tried on three different outfits and took pictures of all three. Each one was a disaster, hence the reason for no post yesterday.

Not that today is that much better. Imogen just posted about how black is not a color for everyone. I'm one of those people that can't wear black, and yet I'm wearing it today. I need to go shopping for fall clothes, because I'm definitely in a rut these days. :-(

Black tunic sweater - Kohl's - $6 or $7
Grey skinny jeans - Express (thrifted) - $7
Black suede wedge boots - JCPenney - $9.99
Scarf - Target - $3.74
Bead drop earrings - The Velvet Lounge - $1