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The very chic and sophisticated Leah from Make It Fabulous tagged us for our top 11:

1. Clothing Store

Anthropologie is definitely my favorite clothing store. I've actually never bought anything from them, but I spend hours perusing their catalog, lusting after their clothes!

2. Furniture Store

Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware are the furniture stores my husband and I like as a couple, but if I could decorate on my own and could afford anything, I'd definitely be shopping at Anthropologie for my furniture as well as my clothes!

3. Sweet

I'm a dark chocolate lover. Dark chocolate with raspberries is by far the best!

4. City

My life really started when I moved to Washington, D.C. I love that city.

5. Drink

I'm not a "beverage" person. I drink because I have to, so I just drink what is best for you: water.

6. Music

I love all kinds of music. Since I don't have a favorite artist, I'll just say that I like making music myself. I could sit and sing while playing the guitar or piano for hours!

7. TV

Project Runway is probably the only show I'm trying to keep up with right now.

8. Film

I love the old classic movies and I'm always a sucker for a good old fashioned romance. Nevertheless, I also like movies that inspire me to greatness. I love Gladiator, Sergeant York, Henry V, and The Chronicles of Narnia (to name a few).

9. Workout

Right now I'm just doing 30 minutes of Interval Cardio. I'd love to get back to running, but having a husband who doesn't get home from work till late and a toddler who needs my 100% attention (plus working full-time as a paralegal from home), means that a DVD is the best I can do for now.

10. Pastries

There aren't any pastries I don't like? I love cookies especially, though. Moist, chewy sugar cookies are the best!

11. Coffee

See #5.

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