Some things I wouldn't mind for Christmas

This past friday I spent the whole day doing Christmas shopping for my family. While I did buy a new shirt and a new skirt for myself, for the most part I focused on things I was getting for other people. However, while browsing the mall I did come across a few things I really wanted to buy right then an there for myself.
So I thought I'd post a few of my favorites:)
This adorable hat I found at The Limited, I think it was around $24 and I tried it on in black. So cute!

I don't wear slips often, but when I do I usually need to wear them with a dress. I have a nice black dress slip but when I saw this pale pink slip at Victoria Secret I defiantly fell in love.

I wish I had time to have tried this black dress on at Forever 21 (as I tend to wear much larger sizes at that store then else where), because for only $22 this black dress seems like it should be a must in any wardrobe.

I need and want more scarves! Again I found this at Forever 21 for I think only $7!!

I'm kind of on an Ann Taylor Loft kick right now since they are having such great sales. This outfit I'd love to own. Nothing to fantastic about it but so simple, elegant and easy to wear. I think this is a great "Mom running errands" outfit, or even to go meet girlfriends for lunch.

Anyway, there are some wish list items for me!