Just for fun, my friends and I decided to go to a J.Crew Factory Store midnight sale last night. They had 50% off their clearance items, so it sounded good. The traffic was so bad, we ended up being 30 minutes late, and then we stood in line for about 30 minutes just to get in the store! Once in the store, you had to stand in line another 30 minutes just to buy something.

Neither of us were looking for anything, but we wanted to say we did it. So for the hour and a half of lost sleep that I got for our trip last night, the only thing I have to show for it are these cords that I'm wearing. Yep - that's right. I stood in line all that time just for a pair of pants! lol!

Stretch vintage cords - J.Crew Factory Store - $14.99
Cable knit sweater - Target - $3.74
Black booties - JCPenney - $9
Necklace - Express - free with a purchase
Jean jacket - gifted