Brrrr...it's cold outside!

I know, it's a goofy smile! I'm still trying to figure out how to smile properly with these braces!

By the way, someone asked how long I'll have them on for...they quoted me two years. So I hope that's all! Thanks for the tips, too! The only pains I had were the cuts on the inside of my mouth from the poking wires. Now my mouth is getting calloused, and at this point, I just eat awkwardly, but there really isn't any pain!

Nothing fancy today - had to dress as practically as possible. It's in the low twenties, and with the wind chill, it feels even colder! Not pictured is my brown toggle coat and brown leather gloves.

White v-neck sweater - Gap - gifted from Christmas
White scarf - Target - $6
Corduroy bootcut jeans - American Eagle - $19.99
Brown wedge loafers - thrifted - $6
Jean jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Herringbone newsboy cap - so long ago I don't remember!
Medallion earrings - gifted