Channeling Alba

It seems like I've seen quite a few pictures of Alba lately wearing jeans, t-shirts and cute scarves. For a young, new mom, I love her casual style. It says "I'm a Mom and often need to make practical clothing choices" but it also says "I am super cute". I like that. *grin*
My purple scarf purchase today was so I could copy this look. After seeing the picture of me though, I think I'll wait till I have flatter abs before tucking in my shirt.

Anyway, here is a close up of my super cute, new scarf.
Happy Saturday everyone!

Scarf ~ Lilly, store in Downtown Oly, WA $21
Tshirt ~ Target $5
Sweater ~ Gap $30
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Belt ~ Marshalls $?
Gray Booties ~ Payless $19

Okay, decided to switch my jeans for a lighter wash. Think it's better with the black sweater. And...I un-tucked my shirt:) Now, I'm off to a get together with friends!