Hot pink and turquoise

I'm trying to get close-up shots of my accessories, because of a request from one of our readers...so let me know if this works, or if you would like me to include close-ups of shoes. Personally, I don't feel that my accessories are fab enough to get close-ups of. I think they look good overall, but am afraid once you see a close-up you will be disappointed! lol!

I did purposely get a closeup of my teeth...especially of my missing teeth. Monday I got four teeth pulled to make room for the braces that I'm getting on today! I'm so excited...I've been wanting to fix my overbite for so long, and I'm finally seeing that dream realized!

Turtleneck sweater - Express - gifted from Christmas
Turquoise patent clutch - JCPenney - $6 or $7
Chinos - Gap - $9.99
Suede wedge loafers - thrifted - $6
Teal bead necklace and earrings - Kohl's - $1.60