Trying to copy looks from Keri Russel (InStyle)

This is my very feeble attempt to copy two looks from the photo spread of Keri Russell done in the most recent In Style Issue.

I was inspired by how she said she used pieces from her husbands closet all the time, and so I tried to do the same with my button down shirt. However, I think my husband is a bit to large for me to borrow his pieces, as the button down shirt is huge on me! It was still fun trying to copy her looks. Sorry the pictures of her aren't that great, but you get the idea:)

Top Look: Kahki Pants ~ Target $20
White top ~ Wal-mart $6
Vest ~ Marshalls $14
Scarf ~ Ginger Street $12
Black heels ~ Target $8

Bottom Look: Boyfriend Jeans ~ Gap $15
White t-shirt ~ Target $4
Button down ~ Borrowed from Husbands closet
Large vest ~ JCP $17
Canvas flats ~ Marshalls $6