7 Random Facts

The statuesquely gorgeous Kayla from Internal Sequin Issues tagged us for 7 random facts. I decided to do one for both of us (my sister too) at once...so here goes:

Since there are two of us, I'm doing 14 facts about my sister and I:

1. When Missi and I were little, we both took ballet. Missi didn't practice much or care about it, but she had a lot of natural talent and was always better at it than me. I worked really hard and hoped to be a ballerina one day - but was always the awkward one with no natural talent for dance.

2. Missi plays the flute, I play the piano (Missi and I can both play some guitar, and Missi also plays the piano). Both Missi and I had violin lessons for a while when we were very young. Missi was 18 months, and I was 3.

3. Neither of us have amazing solo voices, but together we sound pretty good. We once put Psalm 119 to guitar chords and sang in perfect harmony. I still have the tape somewhere of us singing. Together are voices are very clear, innocent sounding, soothing, and relaxing.

4. Missi had three boyfriends before I ever even had one. Lucky for me the first one was my last...Missi ended up marrying her 4th (although, #1 and #3 were the same guy).

5. When Missi and I were little we would beg Mom to buy us matching clothes so we could pretend to be twins. Even though we didn't look anything alike growing up, people would always tell us we looked like twins and we loved it! We still don't mind dressing alike, and I always take it as a compliment when someone says I look like Missi.

6. Missi is the happy-go-lucky-fun sister and I tend to be a little more uptight. I feel like I've gotten a whole lot more laid back since I've married and had a baby, but people tell me I'm still pretty high maintenance. I like things a certain way. However, I should get some merit for being able to admit that fact, right?

7. Missi grew up loving the colors black and white (maybe red and khaki too). I grew up loving pastel colors (mostly pink).

8. Missi has this incredible talent of memorizing the words to a song the first time she hears it. I have the incredible talent of using the wrong words in a song over and over again, no matter how many times people correct me.

9. Missi and my 9 other siblings (there are 11 of us in all) are all very musical. We can each pick up each other's instruments and play a few notes, and we each play a different instrument from the other. We all love performing together, but when Mom makes us, we act all annoyed even though secretly we LOVE it.

10. Missi's really funny. Like really funny. If you ever meet her in person you'll get what I mean. If you know Missi, you laugh a lot.

11. I am very open and honest. I tell you what I think...but I'm extremely genuine and loyal. If you're my friend, you are my friend for life and I'd do anything for you.

12. Growing up, Missi was always the messy one, and I was always the "neat nick." Yet, my brother nicknamed me "Messy". I think that's not fair.

13. Missi and I are really "Melissa" and "Vanessa." I got the nickname "Nic" from Missi. When Missi and I were younger we both wished that our parents had used our middle names as our first, because we both preferred our middle names. Missi wanted to be called Amber (her middle name), and I wanted to be called Nicole (my middle name). Missi ended up liking her first name when people started calling her Missi. She thought it was even cooler that she spells it with two "i's". lol. I LOVE it when people have nicknames, so I get a kick out of people calling me "Nic." No one ever really calls me that, though. I tried to get it to stick way back when, but only a few people stuck with it. It works great as a blog name, though.

14. Although Missi is younger than me, she has pretty much always been taller than me. In fact, all three of my sisters are taller than me, and were taller than me by the time they were 9. I stopped growing when I was 12. I am 5 feet tall, Missi is 5'1". My other sisters are 5'2" and 5'3".

Whew! That's all 14!

I know you all probably think I'm selfish to never tag other people - but seriously...it takes forever to find all the links and add them (you all know what I'm talking about...it's a pain!). I'm horrible about commenting on other people's blogs, too! I really do read all of your blogs...in fact, I follow over 150 blogs!

Anyhow, I do try to keep on top of acknowledging when we receive awards and when we are tagged, but that's about as far as I go. Eek!

I DO love all of you that I link to and follow. You guys are amazing and I love reading your posts every day! I especially enjoy reading these little surveys that you all do. It's so interesting to find out more about the person behind the outfit they post every day.

So I look forward to reading more of these surveys from you all - and am happy to post my own if I'm tagged, I just probably won't be tagging anyone else. Bah humbug! lol!