Answer to a reader question

I just have to ask you about the cami/tank you have on under your blouse. I notice you often wear something like that. I am petite as well and every tank I find is too low on me and doesn't provide the modest coverage I'm looking for. I'm wondering if you can give any advice as to brands or stores that have good tanks/camis for petite women. Thanks!

Today I'm wearing a sports bra to act as both a cami and a bra. This particular sports bra has a high neckline and straps that you can raise (it's the Champion cotton jogbra that comes in my size! 32DD). However, I also use Forever 21 camis that are only $2.50. They don't have built in shelf bras, so you they don't hang low, and they are made of very thin material so they don't add bulk. Their necklines are also very high. The drawback is that they are not long, so they don't work for long torsos if you want something that covers your midriff. For short torsos like mine, they are perfect!

One other trick I've tried is cutting the bottom layer off a cami, so that I don't have to feel like I'm wearing so many layers. So many camis ride up my waist or bunch up under dresses. I bought one cami that I just cut to only hang right across the bust so I don't have to worry about bulk around my waist.

Hope that answers your question!