A few pictures from my Hawaii trip

Hi Domestic Blog friends! I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I promise, in my absence, I have still be wearing clothes (no sweats) and doing my hair and putting on make-up. lol! I've had a lot of company visiting me and then last week my husband and I spent 6 days in beautiful Maui, HI.

Here is a picture I took as soon as we arrived. My traveling clothes were a bit baggy, comfy. I had a white blazer too, but it was to warm once we got to Maui to keep it on. Our hotel gave us the black necklace leis we are wearing in the picture.
Here is the view of the pools from our balcony. We were able to stay at the Ritz Carlton. It was very nice!
The moment we had our luggage put away, I put on my suit and cover-up and we walked down to the beach. We had our own personal entrance to the beach. It was wonderful!
Here is an official "Domestic Sophisticate" blog picture before heading out with some friends to tour the island.
Another picture before going to a luncheon with my husband and friends.
Proof that I really did just lay around ALL DAY long reading beauty magazines (Bazar, anyone?) and silly novels (I just finished the Twilight books).
You know that purple scarf I wear all the time? Here is another use for it...beach cover up!
This was a fun filled day, we went driving around the hilly island and found a blow hole. It wasn't blowing very high but it was cool to see it.
After the blow hole I quickly swapped my shorts for a skirt and we headed to my first ever Luau. That was a BLAST!
The last day before leaving the island I went looking for some gifts for my daughter and In-laws (who watched my baby for me). My friend and I stumbled upon this cute bakery. I had to get a picture with my own buns included.
Hurray for vacations!