Make-up Review

I made some unexpected money last week babysitting for a friend. I had been completely out of mascara for almost a week, so the first thing I thought to spend my money on was some new mascara.

I've been eying the new make-up brands at Target for awhile now and decided to try the NP Set Pasarella Mascara. It boasted volume, length and curling power, just like the professionals use. It contains beeswax to condition your lashes with each use.

I've been wearing it every day since last Thursday. I like it. I do think it adds volume and length and it may even help my stick straight lashes curl up a bit (I haven't been using my eye lash curler). However, it isn't waterproof (not that I normally buy waterproof) and I have found that it does wipe off VERY easily. I don't get raccoon eyes, it just seems to slowly disappear. I'm not sure if I just rub my eyes to much (it is allergy season) or what.

The application is super silky and smooth, no clumping of any kind. I like the wand length and brush. Just wish it would last longer on my lashes.

At any rate, I'm glad I was able to buy this product with money I wasn't expecting. It is nice to get to spend more then $6 on mascara for once and not feel guilty about it. Maybe next time I'll try Jemma Kidd's mascara!