Nailene product review

I was recently sent some products by Nailene. Looking through all of the products they sent, I decided to try the most impractical set of nails to "practice" on. My brother was nearby when I applied them, and exclaimed the style (black/silver/diamond tipped) to be hideous! Once on, however, he said they weren't so bad, and my husband thought they were sexy.

The application was incredibly simple. After pushing my cuticles back, I sanded down the nailbeds with the nailfile that the set came with, and then applied the glue to both the fake nail, and my nailbed before pressing the fake nail firmly onto each nailbed.

Unfortunately, I used a couple of nails that were too large for my nail beds, so they didn't stick all the way. Since the two nails popped off due to their size, I ended up pulling all the rest off after only 24 hours of wear. During that 24 hours I got several compliments, and felt ultra-feminine with my sparkly tipped nails!

While I really can't recommend fake nails for the on-the-go-mom, I would certainly suggest some of you gals out there who don't have the time or money to go to a nail salon, to try out these fab nail sets, which are very reasonably priced at your local Wal-Mart or drugstore. It may be just the icing you need to make your look more glamorous for a special night out.