New blue dress

Washington is currently experiencing some very hot weather, I don't mind the hot weather so much but I do find my wardrobe seems to be lacking in some hot weather essentials. Like the fact I own a total of three tank tops and two pairs of shorts. :(

So, today, while running errands at Wal-mart with a friend, when she came across this simple, knit, very cool dress, we both decided to buy one. Since it's hot and sticky out I'm not really dressing this up. But I think this was a good buy, one I can dress up or down depending on the day or mood. Hurray for hot weather that sends me running errands to wal-mart!
Blue dress ~ Wal-mart $16
Flats ~ A&E 10 years ago
Earrings ~ Macys $11
Bracelets ~ Gifted