Breezy Sunday

I finally have gotten around to making a few alterations on this dress. It needed to be hemmed quite a bit, and the strapless wasn't working for me, so I added straps with the excess fabric I cut off at the hem. In addition, the dress is two sizes too big for me, so the boning in the corset on top had to be taken out so that the dress would look like it was supposed to be a drop waist and roomier on top.

This dress has special significance to me because I wore it as my going away dress after my wedding. I didn't mind it being longer for the wedding, since that made it a tad dressier, and I just wore a white sweater with it over a regular bra so I wouldn't have to worry about it falling down.

Dress - Express - $29.99 (altered by moi)
Pumps - Target - $6
Shell earrings - Target - $.50
Bag - thrifted - $3