Project Runway

I'm so excited that Project Runway has started! I wasn't around for the first show last week, but I watched the rerun last night. I've decided that this season I'm going to participate by sketching my own designs based on the challenges the contestants are given.

So, below is my Red Carpet look. I was thinking Academy Awards. I wanted it to have an ethereal quality, so the hair would be a bit frizzy and fluffy and platinum blond. I wanted a pale face with red lips. The dress would be made of peachy pink organza, and the bottom part would have feathers coming out the sides, with tulle and chiffon layers in the middle and coming up from out of the neckline. I didn't have time to sketch the back design, but it would have a little bit of a train too and a very low back.
For the maternity challenge, Rebecca said she wanted something tight, and I figured she would want to show off her legs as that was the thinnest part of her. I could totally see her wearing something like this:
Nevertheless, I think the dress is completely unwearable by the average pregnant woman, and wearing shoes like that is completely unpractical. Still, I had it in my mind and wanted to sketch it for fun.

I didn't have time to finish the sketch of what I would actually wear or could see other women wearing, but here's an idea:
It's supposed to be a little jacket, that could be adjusted to wear when you aren't pregnant, too. A little cami underneath and a denim pencil skirt would finish the look.

I'm really looking forward to the future challenges, and just hope I can sketch faster the next time around!