Maternity related post

Hi Ladies, Missi here. I'm finishing up my third month of pregnancy and finding all my pants (and tops) becoming a bit more snug and very uncomfortable.
I purchased a "Belly Band" at Target for $16 and I've started to wear it this week. I LOVE it! If your preggers and interested in purchasing something to help you transition from normal clothes to maternity (or continue wearing your normal clothes while pregnant) consider picking one of these up. It's just a big piece of elastic that you put over the waist band of skirts/pants/shorts and it keeps them up even when they are unbuttoned and even unzipped!
So far I'm loving this little piece of material and hoping that it will end up saving me money as well as allow me to continue wearing some of my favorite jeans during pregnancy.

I also found this cool site that lets you get the belly bands in all sorts of colors and designs.