Busy day

I have a board meeting to attend this afternoon, but needed to go sans make-up so I could go tanning first (I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and wearing a strapless dress). After the board meeting I have MOPS. Picking out an outfit that could look professional (for the meeting) and yet casual (for MOPS) was tricky...and the no make-up thing made it worse. But with some mascara and lipstick (places that do not need to tan), I get away with a blank face. The blazer gives me that professional edge and the corduroys make it casual.

Corduroys - J.Crew - $15
Pumps - Target - $5
Blazer - thrifted - $3.25
White button down - hand-me-down
Silver hoop earrings - Target - $1
Watch - thrifted - $4
Red lipstick - MAC Russian Red - $14