Fashion copy cat again

It's very rainy and gloomy here in the Northwest, normally I don't mind so much but...some days it's hard to get out of bed.
The below "Less than $50" article is a cute outfit I could see everyone here in Washington wearing, especially on a day like today. I don't really have the right pieces to make it work...but I'm just home for the day so no biggie.
No "faux fur" hat for me and my aviators are in the car. I also swiped my husbands button down since I can't fit into any of mine.
perhaps more on the frumpy side then stylish...but I'll tweak the look and eventually it will look good. Different jeans, different shoes, better shirt and scarf...
Anyway, the real point of my post today is to show off my new, neutral bag. I bought it at Marshall's for only $16, normally $65!
Turtleneck ~ Old Navy Maternity $10
Button down ~ Hubby's closet
Jeans ~ Old Navy Maternity $32
Brown booties ~ Payless $32
Scarf ~ Target $12
Bracelets ~ Gifted
Bag ~ Marshall's $16