Seven Months

This is an "Errand running" outfit. I'm wearing flats more and more these days, as my belly grows and running around in heels for hours make me tired. I bought this new cardi vest over the weekend and I'm pretty sure I'll take Nic's advice and hem it about two inches. I'm just to short for something this long. Make-up is mascara and chapstick. Hair is still wet from taking a very late in the day shower.
jewelry is from my dear friend who spent the past four months in South Africa with her family. She loves to buy presents for all her friends and she spoiled me with jewelry and matching sandals! You'll have to wait to see the sandals till it warms up though. Here is a close up of the ring.
Turtle neck ~ Old Navy Maternity $10
Jeans ~ Target Maternity $6
Vest ~ Charlotte Russe $17
Flats ~ Target $5
Jewelry ~ gifted