Shorts in the Winter

I wanted to try the shorts over tights look that I've seen so many fashion bloggers doing this winter. Here is my experimental look (that I decided looked a lot better without the belt...and would have looked better if I had longer shorts).
My son isn't feeling well today, so he stayed in his PJs, and decided to pose for the pic looking woeful. The goof.
I don't think I'll wear an outfit like this again - I don't have the legs for it. But it was fun trying something different today and worth documenting on the blog.
Navy pin-stripe jacket - thrifted - $3.50
Tunic - Gap - gifted
Shorts - Dillards - $7
Tights - Target - $1
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Belt - Gap - $24.50
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Hat - I forget where