Birthday Party

It's warm enough to wear this dress sans tights, and to take pictures outside without being knee deep in snow! Hooray!
Tut, tut, it looks like rain! My little boy uses that phrase (a line from Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh) all the time and thinks he's pretty cute when he does. He's right, though, of course.
Close-up of th earrings:
Back shot of the hairdo:
After a sad day yesterday, today will be joyful. Tonight we're throwing a family Birthday party at our house. I got out all of my fine china and silverware, and have been cleaning the house all morning. Just got dressed, and now it's time to get some office work done before I start the cooking. We're having cashew chicken in lettuce cups, with jasmine rice soaked in coconut milk. yum!

Dress - Target - $6
Belt - Gap - $24.50
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Earrings - Macy's - $2