Session Four: How to Organize Your Hats

Organizing your hats may seem simple enough--just place them on a shelf, right? But, if you have over a dozen hats (like me), you may not have enough shelves!

In my last closet, I had a long plaque with hooks on it that fit all my hats quite nicely, but I don't have that luxury in my current closet. Right now I have a few hats scattered about the house on empty shelves. Very unorganized.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Use your hats as part of your decor. Purchase affordable hat boxes (try undecorated boxes at Michael's or Family Dollar), and decorate the boxes in wrapping paper, fabric, and/or ribbon that match the colors in the room. Set them on a dresser or stacked high on the floor in a corner. You can even use your stacked hatboxes as a nightstand.

Picture taken from designbycathleen.blogspot.com

Of course, you can purchase hatboxes already decorated for under $25 if you really search. I found Amazon to have some pretty good prices.

If you're really ambitious, you can try your hand at making your own hat boxes.

2. You can also try this practical route for $25:

3. Another charming way to store your hats is to hang them on a coat/hat rack.
Wal-Mart carries this stylish coat/hat rack for under $50, but I found wood coat racks for as low as $20 on Amazon.

4. If you just own fabric floppy hats, or baseball caps, this hat rack for under $10 is a great idea too.

5. Lastly, the shelf idea works too. In fact, for those hats you rarely wear, or only wear one season out of the year, you can utilize space by using those empty shelves that you never use because they are too hard to reach and store your hats in clear plastic bags.

Good luck!