Session Three: How to Organize Your Belts

To continue with our discussion on closet organization, let's talk about how to organize your belts...

Just like the idea of hanging your scarves on your wall as part of your wall decor, you can also use your belts to decorate.

Missi found this fab idea from her In Style mag last summer, and implemented it successfully into her room decor. You coil your belts in a sheer container and set it on your dresser. Voila!
For a more practical way of storing your belts, buy pegboard to line the walls of your closet, and simply hook your belts on the pegboard.

Or you can always buy a belt hanger.

Or Casey shows you how to make a belt hanger yourself.

A towel rack, tie rack, or wall pegs work too.

Just remember, if your accessories are organized, within reach, and spaced out so each individual accessory is visible, you will be more likely to incorporate them into your wardrobe, making them worth the money you spent on them...and making you look more stylish and classy!