Outfit Post: 80's Inspired

I'm feeling very "80's" in this outfit - high waist pencil skirt in light denim with a big funky belt and peep toes. I guess some big chunky bangles and a high side pony tail would have really completed this look. ha ha!
After seeing these pictures, I've decided that this skirt is best as a "by-the-beach" or "by-the-pool" skirt for me, because it is too short for me. Before it was too long (mid-calf length), so I cut it off, and now it's too short. Rats.
Even still, I liked the hourglass silhouette of the outfit, and thought the colors and materials were perfect for summer - so I'm posting the pictures anyway.
And yes, I took lots of pictures of this outfit - not because I loved the outfit so much, but because I wanted an excuse to stay out in the sun longer before I headed back to my office for work!
Happy Wednesday everyone! It's a gorgeous summer day out in Ohio - get out and enjoy the day!
Top - Gap - $6
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Denim skirt (cut off at the hem by me) - H&M - $5
Pink canvas wedges - Gap Outlet - $3
Pink shell earrings - gifted