Outfit Post: Sick Day

I've been sick with some kind of stomach bug since Saturday night. Since I'm able to keep food down, and the bug doesn't hit until lunch time (I know, sounds like morning sickness, huh?), I have been continuing on with my normal day-to-day activities. This morning, being the 5th day, I was sure I was all better and wanted to put a cute outfit on and go shopping after work.
Unfortunately, by the time I got around to taking these pictures, I was already sick again. :-(
Even though I'm changing into PJs in a minute here (so glad I hadn't put on any make-up yet), I still wanted to post these pictures, fuzzy or not. I like this outfit and will probably wear it again on the first day that I feel better for the entire day!
Oh, and doesn't this flower pin match this shirt perfectly? And I wish I had taken a close-up of my little aquamarine and white gold drop earrings. They are really pretty.

Shirt - hand-me-down from my sister
Pin - NY&Co - gifted
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $4
Silver skinny belt - gifted
Silver wedges - Michael - $8
White gold and aquamarine earrings - gifted