Outfit Post: Summertime...when the living is easy...

I have the short man's syndrome. You may have never heard of it before, but it's as real as you and me...yeah, it *is* me. Lots of short people do all sorts of crazy things to compensate for their lack of height. I do the expected thing. I wear heels. Even two inches makes a world of difference when you're just barely five feet tall. Trust me. It can enable me to reach the sink to wash my hands! And frankly, I just can't bear to wear flats...that is except today...and even then, I feel I have to be on my tiptoes all day to be noticed. See, you just noticed me tiptoeing for this picture now, right?
Of course, I don't just overcompensate for my height by wearing heels - I also show off to the world that I'm so short I fit just right in a kiddie pool...
Or better yet, I'm so short, I could dive into a kiddie pool...
But on the whole, apart from wearing heels, I just try to compensate for my lack of height by being really really ridiculously good looking and taking pictures of myself every day...because I just look that good. Don't hate me because I'm short and beautiful.

T-shirt - Gap - $3
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $4
T-strap rhinestone encrusted sandals - Ann Taylor Loft - $9
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21