Five days of outfits

Last sunday my kiddos came down with little coughs. After a few months worth of my kids having tiny colds on and off, I decided I was going to stay home for a week and make sure they were 100% before subjecting them to my normally busy schedule.

I found that staying home all week allowed me more then enough time to tackle many projects I had been putting off. One of which was organizing my clothes closet. My daughter helped me arrange my summer clothes and winter clothes. Clothes that needed to be repaired, given away or just thrown out. While going through my closet I decided to create outfits for the remainder of the week, that I would wear.

Now, I have tried from time to time to pre-selecting my outfits and then haven't been able to keep with what I created. So I figured if I took pictures every day and told myself by the end of the week I'd post them on the blog...I'd stick to my preselected wardrobe. So here ya go!
We went out to coffee at Batdorf and Bronson on Saturday and I drank the most delicious latte!
I decided last minute to switch out the booties for my brown tall boots...really gotta get a pair of black tall boots!
Cooking on Saturday night was inspired by a package of pancetta and some brussel sprouts that needed to be cooked. (Oh, and I almost always cook one handed, as my little 7mon old likes to see everything!)
and some crumbled Pecorino Romano to sprinkle on the top of it all.Finished product was ravioli's crumbled pancetta, brussel sprouts, romano, a bit of butter, salt and pepper...very yummy!