Outfit Post: Sweater Tunic and Boots

Nothing like snuggling up in a big comfy sweater tunic/dress with leggings for the perfect amount of comfort, style, and warmth.
I wore this to church today...after the sermon the drama director asked me if I would be willing to play a modern day "Mary" in this year's Christmas play. Of course I said yes. She told me to make sure I dress in something that shows I'm pregnant. I thought I was looking pretty pregnant in what I was wearing! Apparently, I'm supposed to bring actual maternity wear for the dress rehearsal. lol!
My husband is going to play the modern day "Joseph" in the skit. I am really looking forward to this, but he isn't so sure about it. I told him he didn't have a choice, though. ha ha!
Sweater - NY&Co - gifted
Leggings - Gap - $5
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Earrings - Macy's - $2