Belly Post Disguised As An Outfit Post

I'm always surprised at what things in my closet don't fit or still do fit. This sweater was one of them. I didn't think it would stretch in the right way to accommodate my bump, and am pleasantly surprised that it does!
Winter is definitely setting in here, and I get super cold. Finding layers to fit is pretty hard these days, so it was nice to find a big comfy sweater that was plenty warm and could be worn alone!
I feel like I'm carrying this baby so differently than my first. My first I carried so high! It is a lot easier to dress this bump because it sits a lot lower.

I may also be carrying different because this one is a GIRL!

Sweater - Express - gifted
Jeans - Old Navy Maternity - $25
Shoes - thrifted - $4
Necklace - Target - gifted
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21