Outfit Post: Week 30

Only 10 more weeks to go! I'm so glad I'm on the homestretch. Sure wish I could speed the last 10 weeks out, though. I got sicker in my third trimester with my first, and it looks like this pregnancy is shaping up the same way.
I'm determined not to get in a fashion rut, though, and am so excited about all the maternity blogs I found. Seeing other women take the same efforts when they feel just as gross and uncomfortable as I, definitely gives me some incentive!
I know I said I wouldn't wear heels in my third trimester except for special occasions (like church or a date night), however, I'm finding that the flats I have are useless for this snowy weather. Not to mention, they are too small for me to wear heavy socks with them, which is what is needed for this weather. I've found that I'm wearing my low heel wedge boots, or these clogs. Thankfully, the clogs, although high, are mostly a wedge, and it's clunky enough, I am pretty stable in them.

Vest - Charlotte Russe - gifted
Jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Tunic - Target (GO International line) and shortened by me - $8
Black skinny jeans - Gap Maternity - $8
Clogs - Colin Stuart - thrifted for $4
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Hoop earrings - Target - $1