Food Post: Chicken Souvlaki

One of my best friends bought me a subscription to the House Beautiful magazine. One of the many things I love about it is their recipe of the month. I tried this month's recipe, chicken souvlaki, and loved it!
 You use cilantro, lemon, yogurt, tumeric, coriander, chili pepper, and olive oil to marinate the chicken in, and then once you grill the chicken on kebabs, they are ready to be stuffed in pitas with cilantro and a cilantro, lemon, and yogurt sauce. I cut up boiled beets, sugar snap peas, and green onions for the side, too. So fresh and light, but packed with flavor!
 The best thing about cooking is getting to wear one of my aprons from my apron collection!
 Even my 4 year old son loved it, and there's not much he likes.