Outfit Post: Specs

I'm not really posting today because of my outfit - I'm posting today because I finally get to wear real prescription glasses!
 After some straining problems, I went to see an optomestrist for the first time. It turns out, my vision is just fine, except for when I'm at the computer or reading something close. Even then, my only problem is a weakness in the muscles that align my eyes together so they can focus. The doctor told me I didn't even need to wear glasses if I didn't want to, but said that the prescription might help ease the strain if I wanted to wear them while I'm at the computer or reading.
 I think they are so cool. :-) Do I look sophisticated and smart now? lol!
 Maybe not.
Top - hand-me-down
Shorts - thrifted - $1
Espadrilles - DSW - $8
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Glasses - Nine West