Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This summer has really been great so far...all seven days of it. OK, it's not just this summer I'm talking about, my "summer" activities seemed to have started in Spring. I spent a week with friends in Tennessee in late April, ran my first half marathon at the beginning of May, took a family vaca to Glenn Arbor, Michigan in the middle of May, went to Italy with just my husband at the end of May, and then had a friend come visit last week for a few days. The rest of June so far I have spent in the pool or doing cute summer things with my kids (library, walks, park days, matinees, childrens' museum, ice cream and cupcake trips, lots of playdates, and the drive-in theatre two weekends in a row).

 This is at the Toledo Museum of Art at their cafe - they have the most amazing food there! The Museum is set up for kids now, so it's almost like a children's art museum inside the regular art gallery. The kids loved it!
 This is outside the museum with my friend who came to stay with us last week.
And this is my favorite summer picture so far - all of us at the drive-in to see Madagascar III. We loved it, of course!