My daughter has been sick for two weeks now. We took her to see the doctor after a few days when she first started and the doctor said she had a cold. My poor baby continued to cough her brains out, so I called the next week to say that she had only gotten worse, and they called in a prescription for her. They prescribed baby steroids to help with the inflammation. What the heck? Two days after that my baby coughed so hard she spit up a little dot of blood. I took her in right away and told them I wanted a test for pertussis. They gave her the test, but assured me she did not have it since she's had no fever, and her lungs and throat were clear. They told me it was an ear infection and she was put on antibiotics for that. Five days later and she's done with her antibiotic and still coughing like crazy. I found out this afternoon the test was positive. She does have whooping cough. Sigh.
I'm not mad at the doctor. Whooping cough is hard to diagnose, and with no fever or problems with the lungs or throat, it seemed silly to run a test until her cough got more intense. Not only that, but she coughs maybe three big coughs a day (around mealtimes), and in between coughing she acts absolutely normal. It's just frustrating and I feel bad for my baby.
I've kept my baby out of the nursery and warned friends and family that have come over, but all this time I have told everyone that the doctor said it was just a cold and not to worry. Now I've exposed all my family and most of my friends to pertussis. Argh.
Let the quarantine begin.
 Have to show this little sash in the back of the top - adds just a little more definition to the waist, which I love.
Linen top - Ann Taylor - thrifted for $3
White ripped jeans - Zara - bought in Italy for 25 euros
Espadrilles - Nine West - a push present from my husband
Necklace - a present from my Mom for my Birthday